ANNA DRESS blue アンナ・ワンピース ブルー

M 着丈87cm 肩幅36cm バスト -90cm ウエスト -92cm ヒップ -100cm
L 着丈 87cm 肩幅38cm バスト -98cm ウエスト -100cm ヒップ -110cm

This girly dress has the look of a vintage dress.
The dress has a ladder bow lace around the bust, sleeves and hem.
Pintucks at the bust.
The buttons can be left open to give a clean look.
The under-breast seam creates a feminine silhouette and the elasticated waistband provides a comfortable fit.
M Length 87cm shoulder width 36cm Bust - 90cm Waist - 92cm Hips - 100cm
L Length 87cm shoulder width 38cm Bust - 98cm Waist - 100cm Hips - 110cm
Made in Japan
Material: Polyester
Please contact us if you require a different size.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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